Everest Male No2 Booster Vitamin C- Chewing 500 mgs of Vitamin C is essential because it will help to prevent sperm coagulation wherein the sperm tends to clump together making it impossible for them to swim freely. It will help to reduce fatigue in men and also enhances libido. Certain foods that looked like a phallic symbol were said to enhance male sexuality. Evidently, the people at one company still have a long way to go in their learning curve regarding humorous advertising and bawdy sarcasm.Infertility is not just a woman's problem - In the not too recent past it was said that the inability to conceive was because the woman wasthe infertile one, but today, it is well known in medical circles that 30% to 50% of the time, it is male infertility that prevents the couple from conceiving. Amidren is a supplement designed specifically to treat the symptoms associated with male menopause. For thousands of years, men have searched for natural remedies to try and achieve enhanced sexual performance.